Our Story


Starlight Tea is a Chicago-based startup that imports and sells luxury, loose leaf teas at affordable prices. The Moonlighting Merchant, Keith E. Weber II, presents his personal collection of Starlight Teas. A lover of tea, Keith was unsatisfied with the selection, quality, and cost of pure, unflavored teas in the Chicago area; therefore, he founded Starlight Teas to bring reasonably priced, high quality loose leaf tea to Chicago. 

His goal is to expand the our society's appreciation for the taste differences of teas based on their region, growing style, etc - Two teas aren't same just because they are both called "green tea". You won't find any additive-packed "fruity pebbles" tea here, although we do offer some of the more basic flavored teas. Each tea is selected based on its quality and the emotions that stir within while being sipped and immersed in the aroma of the brew. 

Our home base is located at Bombastic Cafe (cafe still under construction)

3732 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago IL 60613

Email Us: Info@StarlightTea.com