Purple Eclipse

$ 21.00

Starlight Tea is proud to present this brand-new variety! 



Welcome to a new category of tea, Purple Tea, grown in Kenyan. This rare natural mutation in the tea leaf pigmentation has been cultivated by Kenyan farmers along side their traditional tea bushes. The purple leaves contain the same antioxidant properties as blue berries which contain anthocyanins. Our supplier of Purple leaf tea is a Fair Trade Federation member, and is busy expanding their partnership program to family tea farmers based through out Kenya. 

But that is not the only surprise these mysterious leaves hold, add a couple drops of lemon juice to your steep and watch the color change before your eyes. We hope you enjoy our latest addition to our collection of premium teas.    



Tasting Notes: Juicy plums with a sweet biscuity finish.

Steeping Instructions: 1 tea spoon – 175°F – 3 mins. Better without milk.

Ingredients: Kenyan Purple Tea

Contains: 30g of loose leaf tea

Low Caffeine